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Hi there! My name is Sissy Bowen. I am a sight-reading percussionist, a former criminal defense investigator and newspaper journalist, dog lover,  Alzheimer’s Caregiver in Recovery and advocate. For about 25 years I have tried to complete a book, tentatively entitled, “Yeah, I Know You Love Me, But What the Hell Good Does It Do Me,” about my experiences as the Caregiver for the Grandmother who reared me. I was honored to have much of my writings quoted by, a deservedly well-respected woman from our community: former First Lady Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, in her book: “Helping Yourself Help Others: A Book for Caregivers.” While becoming a Caregiver/Advocate in the early 1990’s, I created a newsletter entitled, “The Caregiver’s Companion,” that eventually had a circulation of over 4,000 area family and professional Caregivers, over 100 of the latter whom participated in the area’s first Alzheimer’s Support Group, founded by me and my partner. The need to advocate for Caregivers has remained a constant in my mind, and in my interaction with folks, to present. Recently being freed from my investigator duties, I decided to try and take the Caregiver’s Companion into the digital world. I appreciate your patience in this Caregiver in Recovery as the website builds. And I want, more than anything, for you to participate with your own stories, comments and suggestions. Please tell your friends about us, as well. I am not alone. You are not alone. This website is for all of us.